In a time when darkness has devoured the land, and evil thrives, where the worlds last and only hope resides in a barbaric, thieving, Dwarven bandit. who also happens to be the  son of the fallen king of dwarf helm....

Join our unlikely hero,  Enoch in an adventure through Time and magic, fight hordes of enemies, Level up and conquer Beasts of Darkness; to save the land from its Dark Destiny 

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Project Enoch [unofficial title] :

Our Current Project 

Game Play:

 Platformerwith an emphasis onCombat, that is infused with manyRPG elements. such as quests, inventory, and Exp. system.  with a healthy dose of adventure andpuzzlesto overcome. 

Whats it Like !?

The main focus was to create a game the played like Mario, fights like Zelda, and opened up story and lore, like Elder Scrolls Skyrim, while also carrying with it a unique art-style. ...

Basically a really awesome  Metroid-vania....

 Collect Loads of treasure,Loot and stock up on plenty of weaponry 


in a time when darkness has devoured the land, and evil thrives, where the worlds last and only hope resides in a barbarak, theiving, dwarven bandit, and son of the fallen king of dwarf helm....

the Spectrum

in this world magic comes from light, and its devision of power is known as the spectrum. 

the Gaurdians; 

when the maker created the lands and seas, he filled the land with magic and to maintain order he created the gaurdians, the gaurdians were weilders of the spectrum each given the ability to wield an element

The Villian 

the guardian of Fire, disobeyed the makers orders to never show  himself to any of the people of the world, but when he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on he apeared before her, and in fear she fled, the gaurdian grabed her to show her he wasnt a monster, but she turned to ash,  the other gaurdians could sense the event and apeared to find the fire gaurdian sourounded in ash, they attempted to bring him before the maker for his crimes. consumed by rage he slaughtered his fellow gaurdians and absorbed their power, before he could kill the last guardian the  ice  guardian broke his halo to prevent him from taking in the whole spectrum taking the final halo from 

a world ravaged by fire and evil, crawling with trolls, and goblin and other dark beings, darkness has won, all the good has been plucked from the land and chaos is king, the lord of this land is the fire god, a supreme 

The Villian "Fallen lord"  

The Vision:

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The Hero

The world has fallen to darkness, a once angelic Gaurdian , turned by hatred , slaughtered his fellow guardians and took their light, and used the powers to enslave and corrupt all that the maker created, the spectrum, the division of light and life force of magic in the physical realm, is now in the hands of corruption, and his darkness poured out onto the realm, devouring its light, 
the worlds last hope, enoch, a theiving dwarven bandit who has done anything and everything to survive in the wastland of evil,  Enoch finds himself hurled  backwards through time to steal back the spectrum ; and of course take out a few trolls, goblins and other creatures along the way..... Cant be all work and no play...

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Defeat tons of different enemies to gain Exp, and better your Load-out

The Story:

Grab your Axe, your sword, your bow, your spell, a time for battle is upon us, the horde of trolls is upon the land and 

the cleansing it at hand, 

a king his son, a life redone, sown in steal and blood, the fallen hath take the light and break the spirit of all mankind, 

but gallows be still for the blood that spill be his when among the high, for the king of dwarf will set forth and take from him his life

​join enoch in an action packed Adventure, hack and slash your way though hordes of enemies while unlocking the past and changing the future 

Join Enoch our main character in a  2D sidescrolling  platforming Rpg experience, in a world full of story and adventure. 

Enoch is a bad-@$$ dwarf from a dark future pulled back through time,to save the land, and stop the fallen lord